The Pursuit Podcast - Pressured to Plead Guilty

Readers of this blog will be interested to listen to the recently released podcast from The Pursuit entitled "Pressured to Plead Guilty." In the podcast, I offer thoughts on the role of plea bargaining in the modern American criminal justice system. The podcast also features Clark Neily (Vice President for Criminal Justice at the Cato Institute), Kevin Ring (President of Families Against Mandatory Minimums), and Molly Gill (Vice President of Policy at Families Against Mandatory Minimums). The podcast does a wonderful job of weaving together policy considerations and the history of plea bargaining with the story of Kevin Ring's difficult decision whether to take a plea deal in return for a significant offer of leniency. Thank you to Landry Ayres and the Cato Institute for putting together such an informative and engaging discussion of plea bargaining. It was an honor to appear on the program.

As I said in my closing thoughts during the podcast, "[W]e think back to the founders and the idea of creating our criminal justice system and all the rights that we put into our system because of our experiences historically... I don’t think we ever wanted a system that was efficient, first and foremost, I think what we wanted first and foremost was a system that was just, that was accurate and that we could rely upon." #pleabargaining #criminaljusticereform

Click here to listen to the podcast.


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