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Men Plead Guilty in Weapons Deal

According to the Miami Herald , two individuals pleaded guilty in Miami yesterday to fraud charges. The charges related to their supplying of prohibited Chinese munitions to the Afghan military. Two men have pleaded guilty in Miami to federal fraud charges involving the supply of prohibited Chinese ammunition to the Afghan military. David Packouz and Alexander Podrizki on Tuesday admitted involvement in a scheme by U.S. defense contractor AEY Inc. to conceal the Chinese origin of ammunition for Afghanistan. AEY had a $298 contract with the Pentagon to supply the ammunition, and authorities say they falsely claimed it came from Albania. Packouz was vice president of AEY and Podrizki was a company agent in Albania. They each face a maximum of five years in prison. Still awaiting trial are former AEY president Efraim Diveroli and business associate Ralph Merrill. They have pleaded not guilty.